We help you to create your first programs in Python.

Python Basics in-company training on location

After this course you are able create small programs like todo-lists. You have learned basic building blocks like data types, variables, lists, loops, conditions and functions.

You know what Python is and how to use its libraries. You have learned how to organise your code with modules.

Contents of the training


4 Days

Level: Beginner

No prior Python or programming knowledge needed.

Price in-company training

The price for an in-company training at your location in Germany or The Netherlands depends of the number of students:

Partici​pantsPrice per partici​pantTotal Price
3€ 1.867,–€ 5.600,–
4€ 1.500,–€ 6.000,–
5€ 1.280,–€ 6.400,–
6€ 1.133,–€ 6.800,–
7€ 1.029,–€ 7.200,–
8€ 950,–€ 7.600,–
9€ 889,–€ 8.000,–
10€ 840,–€ 8.400,–
11€ 840,–€ 9.240,–
12€ 840,–€ 10.080,–
13€ 840,–€ 10.920,–
14€ 840,–€ 11.760,–
15€ 840,–€ 12.600,–

These prices exclude travel expenses and VAT. The training can be customised to the specific challenges of your department.

Prerequisites in-company training

The room needs to have a beamer or LCD screen that can be connected to a laptop via USB-C. The students need to have Python 3 or higher installed on their laptops. A code editor like Atom or Visual Studio Code is recommended.

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