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To make your job more effective and conquer new areas, you know that you need Python skills, so why haven’t you started with it yet? You were just looking for the right training!

Here you find that training, that teaches absolute beginners the basics and helps professionals to learn Python better.

Python Basics Training

After this course you are able to install Python on your computer and create small programs like todo-lists and address books. You have learned basic building blocks like data types, variables, lists, loops, conditions and functions.

You know where Python can be applied and how to get more info how to continue working with Python.

More info about the Python Basics Training

Classroom/Remote training   or  Online training

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with Python

After this course you have learned how classes and objects help you to organise your code. You will see how OOP concepts like encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance work in Python.

You know how to design your programs and communicate the design with others. You have learned how to test your code effectively by writing Unit Tests to make sure your software is bug free and maintainable in the future.

More info about Object Oriented Programming with Python Training

Classroom/Remote training   or  Online training
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